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The tale of the territory

Federico Zileri Dal Verme, owner of the estate Azienda Agricola Castello di Bolgheri

Federico Zileri Dal Verme
owner of the estate Azienda Agricola Castello di Bolgheri

The origins of the estate have ancient roots, ever since the property was in the hands of the Counts della Gherardesca.

Since the mid-nineties, resuming the family's secular tradition, Federico Zileri Dal Verme has been at the heart of the project "Azienda Agricola Castello di Bolgheri", a path made of passion and commitment, shared with his parents and a first-rate team.

"I cipressi che a Bolgheri alti e schietti
Van da San Guido in duplice filar"

With these words Giosuè Carducci, Nobel Prize for literature in 1906, described the places of his childhood; and this is how, walking from the sea along the iconic Viale dei Cipressi, one arrives in Bolgheri, from which the DOC takes its name.

Castello di Bolgheri staff during the harvest

Staff during the harvest
The quality of our products is the result of the passion of all the people who work there

The cellar
The entrance to the Castello di Bolgheri cellar, yesterday and today

The whole estate stretches over both sides of the famous cypress lane, one kilometer before arriving to the town of Bolgheri, a medieval gem situated in the inland of the Etruscan Coast.

The cellar, which dates back to 1796, is the oldest in the area and it is located in the very middle of that town.


In the cellar of the Azienda Agricola Castello di Bolgheri, founded in 1796, we have been passionately producing wines from this area with the scents of a unique history.

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