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Between harmony and balance

The estate gives birth to two wines rooted in Bolgheri's terroir and vineyards.

The main variety for both wines is the Cabernet Sauvignon, which enhances an expression of density, where fruitiness and spice blend together.

In the best Cru we find a good presence of pebbles with alkaline pH: this combined with limestone is at the heart of the wines' character. This type of soil yields wines with fine and soft tannins, a low and well integrated acidity and great depth of flavour.

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A selection of the Castello's best vineyards makes this wine the highest expression of the estate's philosophy.

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Harmony and elegance in a wine that offers a more immediate expression, aiming at a rich, precise and elegant taste.

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Extra virgin olive oil is the other excellence of the Castello di Bolgheri estate. A high quality product from hundreds year old olive trees treated with the same passion we put into our wines

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